About us

The Tennessee Heritage Ranch is a unique ranch for breeding the Tennessee Walking Horse.The ranch was established about 10 years ago, at Grand Netter in the Sharon region. The idea was to establish a habitat in Israel for the Tennessee Heritage horses, which are the real and proper combination for riding and working.
The origin of these unique horses is ancient, and rare blood lines were preserved in the private farms of American farmers, who have been raising the Heritage of Tennessee for more than a century.

The Tennessee Heritage horses are characterized by being athletic, strong and endurable, combined with a calm and pleasant character. They own a wide variety of steps and a particularly noble and representative look.The horses that we breed on the ranch are gentle and highly intelligent, demonstrating great willingness and dedication for being ridden safely in all rhythms the horse moves.

The ranch is spread out over 30 dunams (acres) and is managed by a skillful, experienced, carefully selected team, that have been raising and training hundreds of horses. In addition, the ranch’s personnel are skilled to match the most suitable horse for the specific needs of the rider, so that the match between them will be perfect.  

The horses are born, raised, groomed and are being well taken care of on the ranch for 3 intensive years. This requires a lot of investment in daily care taking, training, vaccinating and setting optimal conditions for raising the horses as pets, having confidence in human beings, rather than being raised as herd animals.




In addition, the ranch offers personal bonding rides. That includes about 10 individual sessions, in which the rider is accompanied by an experienced trainer throughout the entire process, even if the rider has no prior experience or knowledge in riding a horse. The minimum age required to start riding is the age of 8.

The race of the Tennessee Heritage horses, began at the end of the 19th century with such a combination of breeds that led to result a strong, beautiful and gentle kind of horse, that was used in many different ways during its life.

Today, it is very important to make a distinction among the Tennessee breed:

At the one end of the scale, the origin of the heritage horses of Tennessee is ancient, special and has rare blood lines. They are raised in our habitat, trained by us and offered for sale.

At the other end of the scale, are modern blood lines horses, displayed on the grounds.

In the 1960s, the Biglick shows began to gain momentum, and due to the good nature of the race, the horses were trained intensively as Biglick horses, using aggressive force on them, which intentionally caused them injuries. The show horses look different, behave differently, and most of them do not ride outside closed fields and are not fit for field trips.

That is why when buying a Tennessee horse, in order to get the best value for one’s money, it is crucial to know which bloodlines it has, and one should not purchase by mistake a show horse that cannot ride in the fields and cannot be used for the purpose it was purchased – riding in the field is sometimes challenging, sometimes enjoyable, but always a safe ride!

We believe in professionalism, high quality of service and a close relation with the buyer. We accompany the customer throughout the process, we are responsible for its success until the right horse is adapted matching his needs and to his full satisfaction. In addition, as part of our vast years of knowledge and experience, we offer a variety of unique solutions for customers who do not have the proper facilities for maintaining a horse under best conditions. We even offer help in building stables in private homes and help in building farms, according to specific needs.

You can see the wide range of dozens of Tennessee Heritage horses – stray male horses, females and foals, on our website and on the ranch after setting up a meeting.

We will be happy to host you and share with you our accumulated knowledge and experience, to match you with the horse designed to discover with you a new world based on pure love!


Tennessee Heritage Farm address: Grand Neter