Tennessee horses for sale

Horses for sale can be found in various ranches and habitats in Israel, but thoroughbred Tennessee horses, raised and cultivated in a high quality habitat, can be found only at our Tennessee Heritage Ranch. Our habitat is operated by an experienced, professional team, that specializes in raising, training and nurturing rare and beautiful Tennessee horses. The Tennessee horses for sale, are raised and nurtured from their first day to the day they are delivered, with warm and loving human touch of the farm's trainers.
Year of birth: 2010

Born in 2010, a sweet and small horse, suitable for all riders, especially stunning, solid and gentle. This post is also available in: עברית (Hebrew)العربية […]

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Year of birth: 2015

The daughter of one of the only horses in the world without the blood line of “Midnight Sun” broad, beautiful, gray color with “apples”, rhythm […]

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