There is no deeper secret than the one between a horse and its rider.

Breeders of Tennessee Walkers

Calm and quiet, always aiming to please its rider, solidly built - that's the Tennessee Walking horse. The Tennessee horse has a calm disposition, it is solidly built and best known for its running-walk, high stamina, steady loving character, and glorious mane and tail - everything a rider could wish for.

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    Every Rider has that one special horse that one horse that changes everything about them

    The Tennessee Heritage Ranch, a one-of-a-kind in Israel, was created in order to breed and raiser the prestigious Tennessee Walking Horses, who were bred for producing healthy, strong horses of the highest quality. The horses are vaccinated and treated according to the highest international standards, as befits a luxury breeding ranch that emphasizes every small detail as part of its professionalism and quality standards.

    The ranch features dozens of Tennessee thoroughbreds – quiet, gentle horses, stable and disciplined, who wish to please the rider. These horses are known for their beauty, their particularly lush mane and tail, their high endurance and their solid and massive skeletal structure.

    The Tennessee Walker was originally used as an all-purpose horse on plantations and farms, plowing the fields, pulling carriages, riding and racing. All of our horses have an ancient, rare and unique blood heritage and come with certificates and warranty papers. This horse is considered to be the best breed in the world for pleasure riding and work.

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